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The concept of Club Dodici began in 2016 by two local Lamborghini owners in the South Bay Area. The corporation's President, Julian, and his brother in-law & co-founder, Phong, wanted to form a local car club that

emphasized their passion for driving Italian exotic cars, and created a unique, positive car culture.

what does docici mean?

"Dodici" is Italian for "12." The number is symbolic of a group of 12 volunteers which consisted of club members and other individuals involved in the exotic car scene who have tirelessly volunteered their time and helped to grow the club to what it is now. Additionally, the number 12 celebrates the flagship LP V12 engine which is the powerplant of the most exclusive Lamborghini models since the Countach in the 1970's, as well as the famed Ferrari Columbo engine and other different V12 engines found in other European exotics (you do not need to own a vehicle with a V12 engine to be part of Team 12). The number 12 pays respect to our vehicle lineage and car culture as a European Exotics Drivers Club. 

Finally, the number 12 represents the 12 different manufacturers of automobiles allowed in our club (found below): 

1.) Lamborghini, 2.) Ferrari, 3.) McLaren, 4.) Porsche, 5.) Aston Martin, 6.) Maserati*, 7.) Alfa Romeo*, 8.) Mercedes Benz AMG*, 9.) Audi R8, 10.) Lotus*, 11.) Bentley* 12.) All HyperCars (Pagani, Koenigsegg, Ford GT, etc..)

**specific models only


Initially, Club Dodici Exotics was exclusively a Lamborghini Driver's Club. Due to popular demand, the club opened membership to a wide variety of exotic cars. With over 120 active members, Club Dodici currently has Chapters throughout California.

Club DODICI NorCal

- San Jose

- San Francisco/Penninsula

- East Bay Area

- Central Valley

- Sacramento


- Orange County

- Los Angeles

- San Diego


We are a non-profit corporation registered with the California Secretary of State. We operate, attend and organize multiple fundraisers every year to give back to the community. Club Dodici is an "edge of your seat" "live life to the extreme" experience. We do rallies all year long, including in Winter. Our rallies are unique and different than any other car club in the region. We are not a "Cars & Coffee" or a "Concours" Club. Vehicles are limited to Exotic Sports Car Vehicles only. Members are expected to be willing to drive their vehicles and attend at least 3 events a year. Membership is limited to exotics and hypercars only. 


​​​If you would like to be part of Club Dodici Exotics, please click the "Membership" link in the  menu at the top of the page to check out our membership packages and submit your application. All potential club applicants must own an exotic car or hypercar.​

Come and Join the Movement today.

Meet Team DODICI

Julian C.

President and CEO

San Jose, CA 

Tristan C.

Club Manager

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Rich De Villa

Director of Operations and Project Manager

South Bay Area, CA

Jacopo De Cristofaro

Italian Brand Ambassador

Rome, Italy

Fabrizio Vitagliano

Italian Brand Ambassador, Northern Region

Milan, Italy

Phong Q.

Co-Founder of Club Dodici Exotics

Central Valley, CA

Brandon N. 

Event Manager of Club Dodici Exotics 

San Jose, CA

Spencer B.

East Coast Club Ambassador

Bronx, NY

Vincenzo H.

Consultant and Art & Design Coordinator

East Bay, CA'

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