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Take a blast into the past

Club Corsa Exotics Prior events

Below are a list of some of our prior events:

june 5, 2021: boardwalkrun.afterdark - watch here

(santa cruz, ca)

March 12, 2021: rally - watch here

(southern california)

November 21 2020: FLIGHT OF THE EXOTICS RALLy - Watch Here

(Larkspur, CA) 

October 24 2020: EXOTICS IN THE BAY / Collab. with @DreamExotics - Watch Here

(Alameda, CA)

August 8, 2020: SUMMER EXOTICS WEEKEND RALLy - Watch here

(San Jose, CA)

June 27, 2020: EXOTICS ON THE BOARDWALK RALLy - Watch Here

(Santa Cruz, CA)

May 17, 2020: EXOTICS ON THE BEACH RALLy- Watch Here 

(Pacifica, CA)

May 3, 2020: BATTLE OF EXOTICs 

(Los Altos, CA)

April 26, 2020:  OYSTER RUN RALLY

(Larkspur, CA)

February 29, 2020: EL JEFE TEQUILA EXOTIC CAR MEET / Collab. with El Jefe Tequila and Angevin Spirits 

(San Jose, CA)

Jauary 25, 2020: LUNAR NEW YEAR EXOTIC CAR MEET - Watch Here

(San Jose, CA)

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